Here we go! Fantasy House Trick Art. One of the best and must visit place in Perak. This house is a new attraction of family-oriented 3D trick art gallery that which located at Ipoh. This house is the first one to open in Ipoh. There are 26 art paintings and two upside down rooms was painted by 8 local artist. And now, we are going to introduce three main attractions in this house and also showing you all the creative photos!


fh 1

No! That’s a people, not chicken!

fh 2

Have a free ride…. George, what are you doing!?


First of all, there are many main attractions in this building as there are total of twenty-six 3D art paintings in this building. All of those 3D art paintings are very amazing that you all can see in the picture. It’s very easy to capture this kind of picture. You just need to follow the steps explained by the staff to take the photo and rotate the picture in your photo gallery. After rotating the photo, you will get the 3D effect it looks extremely real if you are at the right angle. Furthermore, the number of art paintings will be increasing time by time and some photos will have some refreshment to satisfied the customers. So what you waiting for? Travel and visit now!


fh 3

(Oh no! Black hole appeared!)

fh 4

(It’s seem like real that we are hiding from the rat!)


Secondly, there are also a specially designed room which is the upside down rooms. Upside down room is very amazing because everything is sticking on the wall. When you are taking picture in this upside down rooms, you will be like standing at the ceiling. What you need to do is to think of the special poses that would make you look nicely in the picture! The staff will also explain to the customers on how to pose nicely and creatively. The staff told us that the maximum number of people taking picture in this room will be 4 people. This is because if there are too many people, the photo will look unnatural.


fh 5

The interesting design of the upside down room!

fh 6

Everyone can become Spider-man at there!

fh 7

Oh no! A boy is eaten by the frog prince.

fh 8

The people come from another planet.


Last but not least, the attraction that we enjoyed the most is the cruel prison room. There are a lot of killing prop and paintings that make people feel scary and disgusting. But it is so exciting to take a picture there as everything look natural and real. We can use our own imagination in taking our pictures. The room is designed to give the customers a different feeling and experience. The attractions in Fantasy House Trick Art are not just simple 3D pictures, but they intent to use different themes in designing their rooms to catch their customers’ attention.


fh 9

It’s seem real that the people were been cut into half.


fh 10

The prisoners were tortured by the man.

fh 11

The prisoners are being executed.

fh 12

Another way of being executed.

fh 13

Another two persons who are waiting for punishment.

In conclusion, the fantasy house art trick is an amazing place that the specialty of each paintings brings a lot of fun to us. We are very excited as every art paintings in different themes are challenging our imagination to create fun and amazing photos in our smartphones and cameras. Trust us. It’s one of the best place to have your family or friends trips.


fh 14

Be careful! You will fall if you are careless!

fh 15

Two pretty ladies were sitting on the swings.

Reborn and become vampire!

fh 18

Oh no! The werewolf found us!

So what are you waiting for? If you are interested or need more details, you can contact them by hotlines, (60)5-255 0007 or send them an email to

Operating hours:

Weekdays: 9am – 6pm

Weekend & Public holidays: 9am – 8pm


16, Jalan Market, 30000 Ipoh, Perak


Ticket price :

Adults without MyCard
Adults with MyCard
• Kids (4 years old & above)
• Students (with Student ID)
• Senior Citizens (above 60 years old)
Free Admission
• Disabled (with OKU Card)
• Infants (below 4 years old)



Author : Lim Han Lun


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